SFA- Give the Dance Program Funding

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The SFA dance program needs money. We currently have ONE room for the entire program, where we also have our shows.

Having our shows in the studio puts the dance program in an endless loop where no matter how much we advertise our shows we cannot make more money. Because the studio can only house a small amount of people (the max is 120 people), we can only fill the house up so much and thus can only collect a set amount of money each semester, no matter how hard we try to advertise our shows.

If we want to use an actual stage we have to pay thousands of dollars to use Turner Auditorium (to be in there for dress rehearsals and all three show days it costs from $3,200-3,500) and have no priority when negotiating times/days for our shows because we are not part of the fine arts department. 

We have had to turn away families that have driven to Nacogdoches to see our show because we don't have room for them in the studio. 

Students are going into debt to attend SFA and some of that money needs to go to our program. This petition is asking SFA to do the following:

-Put funding toward the dance program and work on getting us more than one studio for our entire program.

-Start the process of switching us from education to fine arts so we have access to the fine arts department's resources and have equal priority for using the stage spaces.

-Continue and speed up plans for a stage for the dance program. Experience on an actual stage is essential for dancers and we need to be able to make money for ourselves.

SFA- If you want the dance program to continue to grow, you should listen to what we have to say.