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The re-release of the Steel Series Merc Stealth Keyboard

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Hello everyone! I have been wanting to bring back the Steel Series Merc for a while now. I got mine back in 2010 and I feel like it is on its last leg after all this time, and to get a "new" one (used most likely), they're over $300!! Crazyness!

A gentleman named Thomas Curry Started a petition a couple of years ago and it did not go very well unfortunately. I'm hoping to reignite it and get it going to hopefully achieve what we all want. The "gaming keypads" and such just don't cut it. We want the Merc back, please, Steel Series!

I'm including the original petition text from Mr Thomas Curry. Please read.

The Merc Stealth keyboard has been a PC gaming favorite since it first came on the market several years ago. In addition to standard features such as multiple backlight colors, programable keys, and simultaneous keystroking, the Merc Stealth introduced a "gaming terrain" feature which put commonly used gaming keys in a seperate area to the left of the board. Many of the keys in this area had a rubberized coating to encourage solid tactile contact, and reduce finger slipage. In addition, the frame in this area was sloped to allow for more ergonomic gaming sessions. Those who have used this board can attest to the comfort provided by this layout. Sadly, the Merc Stealth is no longer in production.

I have personally owned two of these keyboards (I murdered the first one with about half a liter of pepsi), and I can tell you that they are well made, and a pleasure to use. I find the key layout in the "gaming terrain" area to be so helpful in gaming that I often wonder why other manufactorers haven't picked up on the idea. Infact, I'm typing this petition using a Merc Stealth that I have personally owned and abused for over 5 years. It's still my only gaming keyboard, and frankly, I can't see ever going back to a standard design. 

Happily, there is a ray of hope left for this great keyboard. In a recent communication with the folks at SteelSeries, I asked how many signatures they would need to see on a petition before they would seriously consider remaking the Merc Stealth. Here is their response. Only ten thousand? Really? I have to believe we can do this guys. If the Oatmeal can get seven million bucks for a card game, we can get ten thousand signatures for the return of an excellent gaming keyboard. 

So what do you need to do? Simple, just sign this petition, and share it with anyone you know that might be interested. I think it's pretty classy of the folks at SteelSeries to even consider this idea, and I know that the PC gaming community will respond to that openess with overwhelming support. This is a chance to be empowered as both consumers and PC gamers. That doesn't happen very often, so let's not allow it to pass us by. Thanks for your time, and have a great day.

Best Regards,

Thom Curry

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