Petition for Bang Chan to sleep.

Petition for Bang Chan to sleep.

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Shelby Walker started this petition to stay

Some of you may know this wonderful rookie Korean Pop group under JYP, called Stray Kids. Some of you may not, if you have a spare moment I ask that you check these talented young boys out. They deserve love and support. 

If you know this group then you will know there are nine talented young boys. 

Kim Woojin

Bang Chan 

Lee Minho

Seo Changbin

Hwang Hyunjin

Han Jisung

Lee Felix 

Kim Seungmin 

Yang Jeongin

While this group debuted under a year ago they have made so many great steps in their career from their abundant performances to their many music videos. 

Before debut these 9 talented boys were on a show. Through this show we saw their struggles and we saw their bond but most importantly we saw their hard work. 

While all nine work very hard one member in particular appears to not be getting proper rest. This member would be our hard working leader Bang Chan. He is also called by the names CB97, Chris(Christopher) and Kangaroo. 

This boy works so hard that some nights he falls asleep while still working. Chan was a trainee for seven years and hand picked all the members on his own. 

Throughout the show you could see the hard work Chan put into the group. Alongside 3racha(I'll get to this later) he had a hand in writing all their lyrics. Besides writing he also helped choreograph and teach the choreography alongside the dance line, at the end of the day after training he would compose the music and often fall asleep doing so. 

In the short time since debut Stray Kids have released two albums called I Am Not and I Am Who, they have a Taiwan Edition of I Am Not as well, and an album called I Am You on the way.

They have performed at KCon Japan and KCon New York as well and a Music Bank Concert in Berlin.

Since they released their track Hellavator they have performed 250 or more times.

They have released 8 music videos, 6 performance videos and 7 dance practices.

They even won the award for Rookies of the Year. 

They have made 10 episodes of Two Kids Room, 12 episodes of The 9th and 35 episodes of Spot Kids. 

Before debut they release an album called Mixtape. On Mixtape there were seven tracks, Hellevator, Grr, Young Wings, YAYAYA, Glow, School Life and 4419. 

As well as the Mixtape album there was a, sub-unit, if you will. In the subunit were J.One, CB97 and Spear B.

J.One is Jisung, CB97 is Chan and Spear B is Changbin. They wrote, composed and produced most of their songs. They released many many many songs. If you've never listened to 3Racha I suggest Matryoshka, Broken Compass and Double Knot. 

As you can see all the boys work very hard, but Chan works so hard that it makes us, Stay, wonder if he's getting enough rest. 

Recently there was a holiday and rather than visit family of resting Chan stayed with Jisung to work. While we love to see the boys succeed, their health is much more important. I'd much rather six months between comeback if it means all the boys are healthy. 

I'm not saying that this will affect the boys who knows they may never see it. But I think we should all take a moment to acknowledge their hard work and I hope that they will take a much needed break soon. 

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