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More rights for a Channel Islander like Joe

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For the past 3 months, I have been in endless meetings with police, social workers, therapists, executive managers and deputies trying to find a way in which I could live in Guernsey - with absolutely zero progression. I am about to have a breakdown.

In February, police and social services became involved in my family situation, resulting in my youngest brother leaving Alderney.

This means I cannot return to Alderney without placing myself in a 'dangerous situation'.

On the other hand, my father lives in England, and having seen him 10 times in as many years, this means we have don’t have the same relationship.

So, when my current housing license expires on June 30th, I can neither live in Alderney or Guernsey - but my only option is to live with a total stranger in a completely abstract environment.

Although I have lived in the Bailiwick of Guernsey since August 2003, with the islands being all I have ever known, I am still not allowed to live in Guernsey without bending over to set of career and potential life-ruining rules.

I’ve been told I can only stay in Guernsey if I were to work in hospitality, which could keep me here for 6-12 months, earning just enough money to rent.

Having studied A-levels in Art, Photography and PE, and being an ambitious, creative, ever-dreaming 18 year-old, you could probably guess how I felt when I was told my career could only be hotel work.

Residing here since September 2015, Guernsey has transformed from a terrifyingly foreign place, where I was without my mum for the first time - to my new home, with new friends, football teams and a beautiful girlfriend.

Anyone who knows me, knows about Clarice, and it is for her that I have tried so desperately to stay. Every single day I try my upmost hardest to find a way to be with her, but the States won’t allow it.

If I have my mum, Bennett, football, my friends and Clarice taken away from me, I wouldn't be the same person.

With the signatures of other Channel Islanders, I hope that the States of Guernsey would be persuaded to let me remain in Guernsey within a Local market living accommodation - as the Open market is scarily expensive, and I don't have the money to rent.

As well as this, I would like the freedom to chose the sector and type of career I can be in, as I feel this is a right I am being deprived of.

Every single signature on here would mean so much, and it would literally change my life.

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