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Race, Gender...Does it matter? A call for Justice in the state Judiciary and Executive Branches!

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I started this petition to help stop the injustice in our Courts, Police Departments and State Attorney's offices innocent people see everyday! Sincerely, Kevin Milcheck

Please help the tens of thousands of people in the US that face false allegations every year. Is there sexual bias in the courtroom. Is there sexual bias in law enforcement? Is there bias based on race? Is there corruption? There is a solution, but it will take the American people to stand up and tell the Legislative and Executive branches that this is wrong! It is really simple...If you file a false allegation against someone, you will be prosecuted! Why does this not happen in the United States of America? Right now in the majority of cases, there is nothing done for filing false allegations. Tens of thousands of people will suffer every year because of this! Some innocent people even go to jail! I could have gone to jail. In fact, 16 months in a Broward County, Fl courtroom on 100% lies. Do you know that once she received her injunction...she called the Fort Lauderdale Police Dept. and continued her lies to try and get me arrested! It wasn't until Det. Ohern of Lake County did an investigation and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the Seymour's were lying. Did Broward County do anything to correct their mistake? Of course not. Read my story at Please take the time to sign the petition and help me and thousands of others across America!

How many innocent people are treated unfairly in our court system? How many people are falsely accused in our court system? Why are there no repercussions for people filing these false claims? Why do the Police Departments and State Attorneys refuse to investigate fully some claims, after the initial plaintiff was proven to have lied? Why is it so difficult for some to file a police report, to get a state attorney to look at a case or get an injunction filed? Is it because there is sexual bias in our system?  Is there bias based on race? Is it because of corruption? Unfortunately, the answer to all three is yes and it ruins lives...Homes lost, children lost, lives ruined, bankruptcy and sometimes even jail! I am just one story that you can read at You can also go to

This is a call for justice. No longer should we as Americans be subject to illegal, one sided investigations. If a Police Department or a State Attorney fully investigate false claims made by a petitioner, then they should be fully required to investigate the defendent's claims and if his/her claims are supported, the petitioner should be brought to justice. In short...after finding the petitioner's claims to be false, choosing to do nothing, choosing to turn a blind eye, choosing not to prosecute the false allegations or choosing not to be a witness for said information is wrong on so many levels!

Without possible repercussions, tens of thousands of people file false police reports, give false statements to State Attorneys and in the court room with little fear of ever being prosecuted in today's courts.

My case applies to Broward County, but I am sure the problem is not limited to one county of Florida.

I am also calling for a review of Judge Michael Kaplan's court actions:

Judge Kaplan has not ensured that all of the proceedings conducted by him have been fair and that the legal rights of everyone involved have been protected.  On the contrary, Judge Kaplan has a history of bias and unlawful rulings.

Judge Kaplan should be removed for the following reasons:

1. Dishonest 2.  Does not follow the law  3.  Uses Broward court room to confer personal favors to his “friends”  4. Uses his court position to harass Broward County residents

Read my website at to find all the evidence you need to support these accusations!

Look up Lilah Shahid Butterfly Forum Judge Kaplan and you will see a former petition started, although no longer open.

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