Take Travis Burdette’s CCW

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On January 24 2019 My brother was set up and murdered by Travis Burdette and his brother Dakota at a gas station in Ashtabula, leaving behind a newborn baby and 3y/o son. After begging Ashtabula County for several weeks to do something and to not treat this as just another dead black man, we have finally gotten MINOR results. Travis Burdette has threatened and assaulted many people in earlier years while having a CCW, which is evident by the earlier court documents, now he has killed with it. Having a CCW does not give you the right to threaten and kill people who you claim to be scared of but clearly you know and just don’t like. He needs to be stripped of his CCW before he kills again. White men with guns have destroyed more than any other threat in America. We need to end this now!