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Bad New Law Not Good For Kids

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  • A new law was passed that will affect the safety of your neighborhoods and schools?
  • The new law HB517 (Chapter Law 156, 2017 Session) was meant to save and cut spending but will negatively effect our youth, our schools and community.


This new law (This law will take effect on 1/1/18) is cutting spending on the Sununu Center, (formerly YDC) the facility for NH’s delinquent and violent offenders.

  • The cut in spending means these troubled youth will be placed in our local community based group homes which are not designed to handle and safely maintain these youth. It is also the wrong message to be sending to our youth.
  • The residents of the Sununu Center have been convicted of conduct, which if committed by an adult would constitute a crime such as: drug possession, second degree assault, simple assault, domestic 
violence, sexual assault, arson and robbery.
  • The Sununu Center is a secured facility to protect children and the community. The group homes in our state of NH are not secured. The savings will only cost the community more and is 100% counterintuitive to the purpose of the group homes.

Under the new criteria in order to be detained at or committed to the Sununu Center for a misdemeanor level offense the youth must have been convicted on 4 or more prior offenses (and how many counts plead down?).

Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4.

  • Until the youth is convicted of a 4th offense they can only be placed in a non-secured community group home or treatment center. Most of these youth have already been in non-secured community programs!
  • The law goes on to establish a budget that allocates approximately 8.75 Million over an 18 month period of time to fund 35 beds for the youth that will no longer be eligible for commitment or detention at the Sununu center. This amount of funding translates in to approximately $371/day/resident. While reducing the population of the Sununu Center may save the state money, it doesn’t take in to account the downshifting of costs to the community, schools, police, emergency rooms or victims!
  • This new law is detrimental to our youth. It’s believed our NH Legislature may have been uniformed when they passed this legislation, and our community is hopeful that they reconsider this legislation before harm is done to our Children, Community and Our future.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to amend this law; to keep our kids, community and school safe!

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