Put Rodixon Juarez Behind Bars

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April 2017 Rodixon Juarez beat his girlfriend nearly to death, she was able to crawl out of his home to receive help from someone passing by. This poor girls life was shattered when the person she thought loved her tried to kill her and chased her with a butcher knife. He even told the girl “If I could beat the mother of my daughters while she was pregnant with my baby what makes you think I won’t kill you” this is a monster that needs to be put behind bars, it has been nine months and he is still free and gloating about how he will always make the courts believe it is never his fault. Rodixon has always been an abusive man his own mother has witnessed it but chooses to defend him instead of trying to save the innocent girls that cross his path. He has court February 5th and I’m praying this petition can make a change and judges will see this so he can finally be put behind bars before he hurts someone else or even worst before he hurts his daughters. Thank you for taking the time to read this, your signature will help make a change and it will hopefully put a guilty man behind bars