Justice for AJ Freund and Semaj Crosby!!!

Justice for AJ Freund and Semaj Crosby!!!

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Suzanne Sellers started this petition to State of Illinois Governor and

Dear State of Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, the Illinois Child Welfare Reform Caucus, and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services:

As you know, we have a crisis in Illinois. Children are dying, children who were known to IL DCFS prior to their deaths. 

In April 2019, we had the death of the precious little boy AJ Freund. In 2017, we had the death of precious darling Semaj Crosby. There were child deaths between these two and have been child deaths since. All of these children were known to DCFS prior to their deaths. 

In the mid-1990’s, mentally ill birth parent Amanda Wallace hung her little son Joey after you returned him to her custody. She was mentally ill. You knew that when you removed Joey from her custody and you knew it when you returned him back to her. 

When Amanda killed her son Joey, a foster care panic ensued. You starting wrongfully snatching people’s children left and right, wrongfully terminating people’s rights, and committing all sorts of atrocities. 

Don’t think you all are going to engage in “foster care panic” and start snatching people’s children to cover up your mistakes in the AJ Freund case, the Semaj Crosby case, and all the other cases where children died as a result of your own failings and incompetency. 

Please be on notice, unlike what happened during the Amanda Wallace situation: 


Your organizational chart says that both of you - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker and Acting Director of IL DCFS Marc Smith - report to the People of the State of Illinois. As I am one of the people in Illinois, this means you report to me. On behalf of the people of Illinois, we request the following:

1. An accounting of all monies that came into and was spent by IL DCFS in the last 10 years

2. The specific measures you have taken to HOLD ACCOUNTABLE yourself, the other 5 elected Constitutional officers in IL, the entire IL State Legislature (with particular emphasis on every member of the Adoption and Child Welfare Committee), Acting Director Marc Smith, every senior level administration employee at IL DCFS and the head of every foster care agency that has a contract with IL DCFS. Each of you individually and collectively are responsible for the child deaths in IL. (Note: it’s not lost on us that Acting Director Marc Smith comes to IL DCFS from one of the foster care agencies holding a large IL DCFS contract). 

3. Written assurances that IL residents will be treated with fairness and equity and that no “foster care panic” will take place. 

4. An independent investigation into the failings of DCFS in the last 10 years and an explanation as to why there are so many incompetent people employed by the agency - either directly employed or employed through the foster care agencies that hold contracts. 

5. A State of Illinois statutory Committee consisting of birth parents in IL, and such Committee will have authority to make recommendations and oversee all management and operations of DCFS. 

6. Your plan to immediately clean house at DCFS and immediately employ people who are high quality, are educated, and properly trained. 

There may be other demands forthcoming. We wanted to start with this list. 

Governor Pritzker, it is time that you all truly report to us, the people of the State of Illinois, and not just list on paper that you report to us to make the DCFS organization chart look good.

Thank you for your prompt attention to our concerns. 

- Suzanne Sellers 

Disgusted and Fed Up with Child welfare system in Illinois and nationally 





















0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!