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Punaluu Beach Park is known for its abundant fishing and diving grounds. As a long time and current resident of Punaluu, not once in all my years living here have I ever experienced any type of commercial business, including kite surfing and wind surfing, take place in Punaluu waters. My family are long time fisherman and divers, and have utilized these waters as a means of survival. Kahana Bay to Laie has always been safe waters for families and individuals to enjoy. is a threat to our long time fishing grounds as well as our people.

On May 28, 2018 (Memorial Day), my family and I almost experienced, what could have been, a tragic accident with unprofessional and illegal operating instructor. As it was a very busy holiday that day, Punaluu Beach Park was packed with families all down it's shores. Keiki's were swimming offshore, 7 divers in the water, and fishing poles filled the shores. Although the sun was out that day, winds were high and so was the tide. My 8 yr old daughter cast a fishing pole out which maybe hit 10 yards and left it in her rod holder. For 1 whole hour I watched his beginner client take turns kite boarding back and forth along the shores of Punaluu Beach Park; Which they continuously walked under my daughters pole (as well as the other poles) and smiling at my 3 yr old son and 6 yr old niece who were swimming right off shore. Within that hour, I noticed that both the instructor and his beginner client were riding along divers nearly missing their snorkel and/or dive flag. as the "experienced" kite surfer, was purposely cutting close to divers as if he was showing off to his client who walked the beach. As I was making lunch on shore, I took my eye's off his client. Now, instead of going around our poles, like they've been doing for the whole hour,  beginner client came riding right along the shore line out of control where she ran right into the middle of my 8 yr olds fishing line, barely cutting my 6 yr old niece with her surf board, in which her kite sails fell almost on my 3 yr old son who was panicking at that point in high tide. My daughter's fishing pole was pulled out of the ground and dragged as she continued her way down shore. The family next to us heard us yelling at the client to STOP, and noticed they pulled their little children out of the water along with their fishing poles as she was heading full speed towards them after the wind caught her sails again. As a mother, of course I confronted the owner and his reply, "Shut Up BITCH your making my client cry!" Of course called the cops as both my family and the family next to us started to confront him. (Full DLNR report attached).

Since my incident with him, he continuously shows up at Punaluu Beach Park still teaching beginning tourist how to kite and wind surf while threatening the lives of divers and fisherman around him. According to DLNR,  permit includes Kahana, Punaluu, Hauula, and Laie to perform such unsafe activities in our waters, However, there are rules and regulations that he must follow such as launching from a designated area, ALWAYS GIVING PRIORITY TO BEACH GOERS, SWIMMERS AND DIVERS, 1 instructor per client, cannot fly their kite over the beach, being so far off shore, no riding the shore line with sails up, and no beach jumping (just to name a few). I have seen  break every single rule. He's originally from Kailua and operated from Kailua Beach Park which he was fined and banned for operating illegally and not following rules and regulations. When I confronted about his permit, he replied, "I HAVE A PERMIT SIGNED BY THE STATE OF HAWAII AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I LIKE AT ANY OF THESE BEACH PARKS LISTED. I'M DOING YOU ALL A FAVOR, BY NOT HITTING DIVERS AND SWIMMERS." 

My goal with this petition is to "STOP" from performing any commercial business at any of the Koolau Loa Beach Parks. I am currently working with Senator Gil Riviere and Mayor Kirk Caldwell's State Rep Adam LeFebvre to perminantley remove our beach parks from his permit as they did at Kailua Beach Park. I have, also, filed a DLNR CONSERVATION ENFORCEMENT STATEMENT FORM with DLNR and currently expressed my concerns with the public at Hauula's Community Meeting held on August 9, 2018. 

I know there are many other locals (both from our community and out of town) who had run in's  which some cases involved DLNR and/or the Police. Not only is he disrespectful of our community and concerns, but he is a threat to our long time fishing grounds and our families!

To the STATE OF HAWAII who approved his permit... SHAME ON YOU!!! Shame on you for not having enough knowledge, let alone care in the world, to know that our Koolau Loa Beaches have great importance to our community and has been for generations! UNDO YOUR WRONG and remove our beaches from permit!


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