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We demand justice for the "Stand Your Ground" death of Deanna Stevison

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In the early morning hours of June 8, 2017, Deanna Stevison was shot four times and killed. She was 31-years-old. She left behind a 14-year-old son, an identical twin sister, another sister and brother, a devoted mom, and countless other family and friends who continue to mourn her loss.

When her family was told the devastating news, they were completely stunned to learn that the shooter, Jane Plunkett, was claiming self defense. In Florida, this is known as the infamous "Stand Your Ground" law. We are petitioning the state attorney to expedite the investigation of Deanna Stevison's death, and pursue charges against those involved. We can no longer stand by while our loved one is gone, and those responsible are free to live their lives.

The backstory
Deanna was estranged from her former fiancé, Meghan, who began dating a former police officer named Amy Plunkett. A few years ago, Deanna and Meghan purchased a house together, which Deanna and her son Skyler were living in since Deanna and Meghan's relationship ended. Meghan made it very clear that she wanted the house back. In the days leading up to her death, Deanna began to tell people that she was very nervous that "something bad" was going to happen. She truly believed Meghan was capable of doing anything to get the house back, including using her new girlfriend's knowledge of laws (like Stand Your Ground) to get Deanna out of the house one way or another.

According to police, Deanna went to Amy Plunkett's apartment, which she shared with her mother, Jane Plunkett (the shooter). Deanna's family has pointed out that she would not have gone to this person's house unless she had been asked to, and it was clear she had no intention of staying long because she left her car running with the door open when she got there, as if to indicate she was there to pick something up. The shooter is claiming that Deanna tried to push open the door, so she grabbed her gun and shot Deanna four times. She told police that she didn't have her glasses on so didn't know who was coming in the house. She already knew to say "stand your ground" and was never charged.

Witnesses with text messages have come forward to local authorities to show a clear picture of the situation, yet the local authorities refuse to take the case seriously. Deanna's family was told by the local investigator on the case to essentially "let bygones be bygones" because it was a domestic event that went wrong.

Could you imagine knowing all of the behind the scenes details about your child's death, or your sister's death, yet you're being asked to just let it go?? This is what Deanna Stevison's family is being asked to do. And meanwhile, Deanna's surviving child was forced to move out of his home, while Meghan moved into the house within weeks of Deanna's shooting, and has now moved Amy Plunkett into Deanna's home.

As of the date of this petition, the state attorney is supposed to be investigating Deanna's death. It has been three months, and no new information has been provided.

Please help us by signing this petition, and sharing with your friends and family. Deanna deserves justice!


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