Stop Budget Cuts to Medicaid and Mental Health

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The current legislature in Montgomery, AL wants to cut $13 million to the Medicaid budget. This will cause a loss of an additional $33 million in federal funding for a total loss of $46 million.

The Medicaid program is most known for providing medical care and dental care for low income children and pregnant women. However, Medicaid also provides a wide variety of services for adults with disabilities and the elderly. In addition to medical care, Medicaid provides residential services and day habilitation services. Without residential services, some adults with disabilities would live in unsafe and unsanitary conditions and in some instances be homeless. Group homes provide a home and staff that ensures they receive needed medications, have proper meals and stay safe. Day habilitation services provide a safe, secure environment for adults with disabilities to learn daily living and work skills. Day habilitation centers also provide work for people with disabilities, encourage volunteering and help involve their clients in community activities which they otherwise would not be able to participate in.

Organizations that help people with disabilities rely on State and Federal funding in order to operate. Funding for people with disabilities is already operating at bare minimum operating expenses and is only able to help 5,829 people. Unfortunately, there are nearly 9,000 people who are in need of services. This means there are over 3,000 people waiting to receive Medicaid services. The people on the waiting list can spend as little as five years or as long as twenty years waiting for services. Further cuts to the budget will force these organizations to limit the services they offer, lay off employees from work, increase the number of people on the waiting list and double the amount of time spent waiting. Limiting services not only hurts the people who receive the services, but their families, the employees of those organizations and their families and the community at large.

Please sign this petition to let our leaders in Montgomery know how budget cuts to the Medicaid agency will negatively impact the citizens of Alabama.

Dear Alabama Leaders:

We, the citizens and voters of Alabama, ask you not to approve budget cuts to the Medicaid Agency or Mental Health Department. These departments are already underfunded and understaffed and any further budget cuts will ultimately hurt those most in need of the services provided.


The Citizens of Alabama

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