To get a police station in our local Galston/Glenorie area, to restrict the crime rate.

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We have had an extreme amount of crime in our local area, and it’s getting worse everyday. 

Just in the past few months there’s been over $200,000 worth of things stolen from properties in our local area. 

Which includes cars, motorbikes, buggies, tools, money, wallets, trailers, fire pumps generators, computers, even wedding cuff links n shoes of a groom to be. 

We have also over the past few years have had numerous attempted abductions, shops that have been held up at gun point. 

We would like to feel safer in our community. 

We would like quicker response to the crimes that are occurring, as where the police are coming from is over half an hour to an hour away from us and they already have tens of thousands of people in their own suburbs to protect. We would like to protect ourselves and the elderly and our children. 

We have over 24,000 people in our area, spread over a big region as a lot are on acreage. 

We would like to feel safe in our beautiful area that we live in.