Stop groundwater mining in the Otway Ranges.

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Stop Groundwater Mining

Groundwater mining is when water is extracted faster than nature can replace it. This is happening at the Barwon Downs Borefield, in the Otway Ranges, Victoria Australia and has brought about many catastrophic environmmental impacts.

Peat wetlands have been turned in to areas that now produce high levels of toxic acid and heavy metals. This results in:

  • 30 kilometre fish kills down the Barwon River;
  • Riperian vegetation decimation;
  • Farmland has been turned in to wasteland;
  • Spring soaks and creeks have dried up;
  • Dried out peat beds have increased the risk of fire;
  • The creation of toxic acids, and;
  • Contamination of groundwater.

The deplorable and harmful effects on just one of our iconic native species, the Platypus, must not be allowed to continue. The cyclic and progressive nature of groundwater mining will continually reduce surface water flows.

The Melbourne – Geelong interconnecting pipeline and water kept in storage is sufficient to meet Geelong’s future requirements for decades. Imposing a moratorium on groundwater extraction at the Barwon Downs Borefield for the next 15 years will make no difference to the supply of water to Barwon Water’s customers.

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