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Change animal protection laws to ensure safe life for humans

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I am an animal lover by heart and would never wish that any cruelty is caused to animals, however at the same time my basic human right of living a safe life should not be compromised. Today every residential society and apartment is facing a big health and security hazard by stray dogs and monkeys. There have been several cases of dog and monkey bites especially to small children in recent past. RWAs are unable to take proper action because due to PETA, SPCA and other laws, using any sort of force on animals is illegal and can cause grave consequences including imprisonment. Hence RWAs can't push the dogs out of the society forcefully. Even using a langoor to scare off the monkeys is banned as it is considered illegal. As a result dogs and monkeys roam freely in societies attacking and biting residents at will. There are regular news articles in news papers and media about death of innocent children due to mauling by stray dogs. Doesn't a human life have value or importance? Only animals have the right to live?

My humble question to the lawmakers of the country is - whether a human life is not important? Can't a dog or monkey be removed forcefully if it bites humans which might lead to serious consequences like rabies and even death? I am personally against any sort of violence against animals but humans should have access to safe lives and in case stray animals are causing threats to life, there should be provision in law to remove them forcefully from the society and relocate them in government provided animal shelters. 

I humbly request the authorities to kindly understand the gravity of the situation and act timely to provide a solution to stray animal problem that is haunting nearly all residential societies and apartments across the country. If needed the laws must be changed to allow use of force (only in unavoidable conditions) to remove stray animals from residential areas to ensure humans can lead a safe life and children can roam freely on the roads and playgrounds.

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