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The current owner of Paradise Palms has stated his intention of closing the Golf Course and applying for development approval for a large number of residential blocks of land. This is a SERIOUS threat and might come to pass if we sit back and do nothing.

The communities in the vicinity would be negatively affected by such a move, losing one of the main reasons that they bought property here in the first place. The value of real estate in the area is estimated to fall by 15% if this plan is allowed to go ahead. In addition, the community would lose the LAST of the MAJOR GREEN SPACES in the region and there would be a SIGNIFICANT NEGATIVE EFFECT on the extensive wildlife that live on the course.

We DO NOT want a repeat of the disastrous development consequences that occurred in Trinity Beach with the Agile Wallabies. HUNDREDS of these innocent animals have died (over 350 in the past 7 months) because Development has pushed them out of their original habitat onto roads and neighbouring properties/sporting precincts. The situation has got so severe, there is little hope for the remaining population except for the works by The Agile Project: (

OUR COMMUNITY DOES NOT WANT TO SEE THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPEN IN PARADISE PALMS! A population of approx. 300 wallabies occupy this land. What will happen to them and all the other species if development goes ahead? Why would we want to live in so-called "environmentally beautiful" Cairns, if this keeps happening?

WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE HUNDREDS OF ANIMALS DIE AT THE HANDS OF THIS DEVELOPMENT. You can help make a difference by signing this petition! Every single signature counts! 

We ask that Council refuse any application to re-zone the property for any alternate use and we strongly believe that Council or State Government ownership of the facility be an option that should be supported if no suitable alternative buyer emerges.

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Next Public Meeting - 6:00pm on Tuesday 12th February at the Palm Cove Surf Club. ALL WELCOME!

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