Justice for LC French Students in Aural Exam

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Leaving Certificate students all over Ireland suffered from the bad quality of tapes. CDs all over the country were said to be muffled or skipping. Other students revealed that static overpowered the actual content for at least half the exam. Even students who are French speakers were not able to understand it. Due to these technical difficulties in certain centres, students were forced to guess answers. 

Similarly, other students didn’t realise that for the last question in Section 4 in the Higher Level paper, there was an additional line to answer the second part of the question on the next page. Most students wrote two answers on one line or made an extra line on the same page for which we can technically be penalised. 

As a result of these issues, many Leaving Certifcate students may not get the grade they deserve. This is detrimental as we may be depending on our French grade for points and getting into college. 

Please sign this petition to raise awareness and show that many LC students are affected by this issue. We all need to show strength in numbers so that this situation does not occur with future Leaving Cert students in French or any other CD-based subject. 

Leaving Certificate students would really appreciate it if the SEC could take steps to investigate the problem of tapes and find an acceptable solution for the lines issue.