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State Council of Ukrainе: Stop the accepting law №9139"About the reforming and improving of ..."

With this law, which was accepted in February in first reading, such shameful occurance as doghunting - hunting on pets in settlements is legalized.

After wide protests of society and articles in mass media, in September profile(dedicated) committee of State Council (ecologic one) made changes, that take into consideration many comments made by society and representatives of Ministy of Ecology. Many comments but not the main one: project sample provided by committee still contains the regulation to provide permits on HUNTING ON HOMELESS DOGS AND CATS - in any time and anywhere, even in places where hunting is forbidden. There is a quote:"Permit on special use of the objects of animal world can be issued:
by district, Kyiv and Sevastopol city state administrations, and on the territory of Autonomous Republic of Crimea - by the executive authority body of Autonomous Republic of Crimea responsible for natural environment protection - on hunting on wolves, foxes, MIGRANT DOGS AND CATS, gray crows, magpies, rooks and selective diagnostic shooting of game animals for veterinary and sanitary expertise within the territories and protected areas;
central executive body responsible for ensuring of implementation of the state policy in the field of forestry and hunting, and in the
Autonomous Republic of Crimea - the executive body of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea responsible for forestry and hunting - for hunting on wild boars, axis and European deer, moose, mouflon, squirrels, marmots, beavers, badgers, muskrat, marten and stone, American mink, the hunting on wolves, foxes, MIGRANT DOGS AND CATS, gray crow, magpie, rook not in hunting season or in prohibited for hunting locations (excluding protected areas), foxes and raccoon dogs during the year in the areas of game breeding."

That means, that Kyiv and Sevastopol city and regional administrations can grant permit for hunting on (shooting) "WALKING" DOGS AND CATS. The same permit TO HUNT ON THESE PETS can be provided by executive hunting agency - for shooting not in hunting season (during the year) and in places not designated for hunting (thus, in the settlements).

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