Help Save Coop Preschools in Virginia

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Your ability to choose an affordable cooperative preschool is in danger in Virginia!

Proposed regulations by VDSS will effectively end the 50 year history of parent cooperative preschools in Virginia.  Voice your support NOW for revisions to the proposed regulations that will enable this powerful early education model premised on parent involvement to survive.  

Join our petition to require Virginia’s regulators to work with the Virginia Cooperative Preschool Council to find ways to modify the regulations to make training requirements for cooperative preschool volunteers reasonable.  

Let your state legislators in VA know that we support parental involvement in preschool education.  Eliminating high quality affordable cooperative preschool will hurt our kids!

Please sign and share this petition with everyone in Virginia who is a supporter of parental involvement in early childhood education!  Co-op families and alumni:  please forward this email to 3 people whose lives have been touched by co-ops!  Co-ops matter!

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