Say No to late sitting for Bank employees in Pakistan

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Dear concern,

It is to inform you that bankers in Pakistan are facing a very hard time . As they have unlimited timings, 9 to 5 is customer dealing time and after that it takes a lot of time to finish your work. Every banker wants to quit job but due to high rate of inflation, unemployment and poverty, people have to work in banks. Specially private banks are now extending their banking timings. i.e 9 to 9 . Every banker has to work 10 to 12 hours with very less salary and non stop banking which is also against labour laws.All these things are destroying their personal and social life. And making all these things a reason, banks give their employees poor appraisals. Bankers are really facing high stress but as I told earlier , due to high rate of unemployment, poverty and inflation they have no choice other than to continue their job. Working in banks has become both physical and mental torture for bankers and leading to high disappointments and severe deceases.It is mentioned with grief that in spite of continuous mails and messages, no one is ready to listen for the very right and sick condition of bankers. And we have no other option rather than to write you all again and again, not even a single favorable reply from your side has been received yet.Bankers are contributing a lot in economy.We hope that you might take out some time for bankers, listen us and answer us. Your favorable response will be highly obliged because now a days PAKISTAN is going through institutional transformations and we are requesting some positive changes in our banking industry as well as per labour laws and human rights. Bank timmings must reduce to maximum 3'o clock starting from 9'o clock as after bank timings, banking staff has to manage closing which takes usually 2 to 3 hours. Ultimately bankers will leave office around 5'o clock. But with current timings bank timings are 9'o clock to 5'o clock and after that with closing we are leaving office around 7 to 8 pm in result we can not sit in family cannot make any social life as after 13 to 14 hours of working no body can make such things. With this banker's are unable to perform with ful potential and can not deliever 100% .

Hopefully honorable chief justice and SBP's officials will take actions upon our request for the betterment of bankers and banking institutions.

Thanks and Regards,
Bankers of Pakistan.