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Pet Rabbit's Ribs Were Crushed Before Dying - Connecticut

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Julien H. Torres is scheduled to appear in Bantam Court on Monday, April 24.  Awaiting Plea for the unconscionable killing of this innocent pet rabbit because his sister would not allow him to use her phone.  

Police responded to 660 Main St., Monday morning after the frantic sister told police her brother may be harming her rabbit, Peter Griffin, and her cat, Gizmo, following an argument.

 "The officer went inside the home and was handed the rabbit.  It was alive but appeared listless, its eyes were enlarged and it was breathing rapidly."   The officer, "asked Julien if he harmed the rabbit in any way i.e. shaking it or dropping it and he stated No, that he loved the rabbit and that is how it acts all of the time, just lying around.”

Animal control officer attempted to bring the rabbit to the Emergency Animal Hospital but it died on the way.  The remains of the rabbit were brought to Tollgate Animal Clinic, where police said where x-rays were taken.  "The Veterinarian at Tollgate Animal Clinic determined the rabbit’s rib cage on both sides was crushed inward, causing massive injuries and internal bleeding".

Julien H. Torres, 26, of 660 Main Street, Torrington, was arrested Feb. 6, 2017 and charged with breach of peace, second-degree threatening and cruelty to animals, according to a report.

Animal torture and killing is unacceptable to society and too many abusers walk.  If you live in Connecticut or nearby please consider respectfully standing in court for this rabbit and victim who suffered a horrific cruel unnecessary death. Contact Linda Sue on Facebook for details.

We the Petitioners respectfully ask that Julien H. Torres be sentenced to maximum Felony penalties for the deliberate suffering, abuse and killing of a helpless pet rabbit.  It is a big concern other animals in this family home may be in danger from this man.

"Malicious or Intentional Cruelty to Animals
Under CGS § 53-247(b), maliciously and intentionally maiming, mutilating, torturing, wounding, or killing an animal is a class D felony.

BANTAM COURT 860-567-3944

You may respectfully send a Letter via US Mail or Fax, the Letter will be stapled to the file, for the Prosecutor to see when he gets the Court Case.


Include - Case # and Name on the Letter
(RE:  Julien Hunter Torres, Docket No: L18W-CR17-0152169-S)

State’s Attorney’s Office
P.O. Box 667
80 Doyle Rd.
Bantam, CT 06750

Fax: 860-567-2046

Prosecutor's Email Addresses:

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