Change the juvenile system

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On Monday 27th may 2019 a 14yr old boy and a 10yr old girl decided that they would steal a car and go on a joyride.  They went and picked up 4 other kids oldest being 16.  This was now not only a stolen car but a overloaded car.  The driver was a 14yr old boy who decided to run a red light smash into another car (carrying a mother and her 4 children) at high speed then spun out of control into a lights pole which on impact killed the 14yr old passenger.  They are also in a gang that break into home's steal keys and steal cars.  Why.....because they can get away with it.  

We want to change the law that allows these kids to be sentanced as adults and jailed as adults.  If they think they are old enough to terrorise families and elders bash and steal from them steal cars risk innocent lives then they need to be jailed as a adult.  We as a community as a state as a country need to change these laws wake the government up and make them see that we have a major youth problem and it needs to be dealt with now.