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State and County Of Hawaii, The United States, The United Nations: Return Kawa to Abel Simeona lui as the rightful konohiki (steward).

Kawa is a magical land full of important archeological sites and burial. It is up to ohanna to take care of burial , not the State or County, though the State and County may mark it as protected. The bones should not be disturbed by archeologists, a new and inexact science. It is clear from the history since Abel started to steward the land that it has been a place of interest for developers and those developers have tried every angle including making it a bird sanctuary for the Audubon Society and such a sanctuary would upset the natural relationship between the plants, animals, sea and mountain of the aupua that makes up Kawa.

Abel is the rightful steward and has worked hard to best preserve and protect the land known as Kawa and is privilege to ancient information that 'scientists' do not hold or even understand. As proof of County ignorance and expert ignorance, one of the first acts the County undertook was to lay gravel down on the lava road into Kawa, the same driveway that has ancient astronomy markers in it....the pahoehoe was not suffering erosion from cars yet the gravel will produce crushing and grinding from trucks frequenting Kawa by these so called 'experts' and thereby eroding the markers.

Ohanna of burial at Kawa were always welcome to visit their ancestors, Abel did not stop anyone from doing that. The Mayor and his assistant manipulated the public by starting dialogue locally at Naalehu and pulling at people's hearstrings and setting off a series of lies about visitation rights to their ancestors.

We call for this giant, hurtful hoax to end in the name of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the unceded islands of Hawaii, Tutu Pele and Ke Akua and that Abel be allowed to return and live at Kawa as well as other members of his ohanna and all helpers, visitors, and those who have a tie to the aina there.

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