Starbucks: Stop Supporting Hen Abuse!

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Tahua Capital, who own the license to operate all Starbucks stores in New Zealand has announced a commitment to sourcing 100% of its egg products from cage-free hens by the end of 2020. This commitment is for all Starbucks stores in New Zealand and applies to both whole eggs and liquid ‘ingredient’ eggs.

This is an amazing victory for hens BUT we need your help to encourage Starbucks to apply this policy to its many other license-operated locations around the world! This is about 14,500 stores worldwide.

In 2018 Starbucks made a pledge promising to become cage-free by 2020 across its company-operated stores. While this is a great first step, the pledge does not include any Starbucks license-operated stores. This means that almost half of Starbucks’ twenty-seven thousand retail outlets around the world can continue to use cage eggs.

In its Animal Welfare-Friendly Practices statement, Starbucks state that it aims for ‘Everything we sell to be produced under high quality and ethical standards. We are committed to working with and buying from farmers and suppliers who share our commitment to humane practices throughout an animal’s life cycle.”

If Starbucks truly believe in its statement, it will do the right thing and include ALL Starbucks stores in its cage-free commitment.  

We would like to see Starbucks publish a commitment and timeline to go 100% cage-free for all shell(whole egg), liquid and ingredient eggs globally by 2025 or sooner for all locations owned, operated, and licensed.

Join SAFE and over 58 organisations around the world in asking Starbucks to do to the right thing and ditch cage eggs globally for good.

Please sign this petition to tell Starbucks would like to see its cage-free policy is updated to include all Starbucks stores.