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As a long time partner at Starbucks, I have put in years of dedicated work towards this company. Now it is their turn to support their employees. Our customers are being allowed to go through our drive thrus without masks. We are NOT six feet apart. We are required to wear masks, go through safety and sanitation procedures, and work in a very public space. They are putting every barista and partner at risk of contracting Covid, when all we want to do is support ourselves. We cannot work from home, and our managers are not allowing us to enforce the mask MANDATE. 

If you care about your local baristas, your local fast food employees, your servers and waitstaff, WEAR A MASK IN THE ESTABLISHMENT AND DRIVE THRU. 

Please. Help us stay safe. Starbucks, please allow us to enforce the mask mandate. Our literal lives depend on us to take every precaution. Show us that you care.