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Reduce Plastic and Save Money: The Starbucks Way

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Okay, so listen to this. My name is Madison and I have a proposition on how to reduce our plastic use, save ourselves money, and SAVE THE WORLD! How many times have you gone into Starbucks, got your drink and your beautiful green straw (for those amazing iced drinks), drank it, and then just threw it away/recycled it? Well, I can tell you I have....until about a week and a half ago when I took the challenge to become plastic free (at least i'm trying to). But, today as I was getting my boyfriend and I some coffee from Starbucks with our gorgeous reusable cups, I looked around and saw everyone sitting down with their plastic cups, straws, and lids. I thought to myself, 'Imagine how many people are in Starbucks everyday, at every hour that they are open, and then multiply that by all the Starbucks in the world'. That is when I realized...that is a lot of plastic. I felt my stomach tighten because the thought was actually pretty scary since Starbucks is just ONE coffee shop.... then I thought about every other place, then I died... Just kidding! But, on a more serious note, what if there was an even bigger way Starbucks, this beautiful coffee shop I go to everyday, can reduce it's plastic other than giving small discounts to people who bring in reusable cups (like me!)? That's when I thought of, 'what if they hopped on the stamp card train? But, instead of the customer receiving a stamp with every drink they buy, they would get a stamp every time they bought a drink with a reusable cup, and their 11th one would be free!'. Both Starbucks and consumers would lower their plastic use and save money, Starbucks would become an even more 'green' company, and the consumers would be feeling good about their everyday (possibly twice a day) decisions! I believe this idea has a lot of potential and could truly change the way we look at plastic. Plastic affects everyone and everything in horrible ways, why would you not want to try and reduce it? 

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