Dear Starbucks: Let's recycle!

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Dear Starbucks: Let's recycle!

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Danielle Sullivan started this petition to Starbucks

Starbucks, I'm calling you out.

Have you ever gone inside a Starbucks Coffee shop, and seen the trash can filled with paper cups, straws, and cup sleeves? I love coffee, as much as the next person. My one concern is the lack of a recycling trash can in a majority of stores in the United States. 

I understand: Not every city honors the same recycling facilities as the next. As someone who is from a small town, recycling centers are few and far in between. This maybe more work for your Baristas, employees, and the business to improve your footprint on the environment .  I've watched your Starbucks barista's create fabulous drinks, and watch them throw away an extra cup sometimes.
Doing this simple deed for the environment can go quite a ways!

In 2016, Starbucks made 671,396, 071 cups of coffee, and 347, 394, 871 cups of tea.  Imagine the impact of Starbucks recycling all those cups in stores!

For now, there are a few things us Starbucks shoppers can do to enjoy coffee and lessen the environmental impact:
  1. Bring in a reusable coffee mug or cup, and get ten cents off your order for bringing in your own cup. They'll even rinse out the previous coffee stain for you!
2.  *Hold on to that plastic cup, and recycle it at home. I do this every time, and I've stored a few to use for projects at home!

*Not everyone has that luxury to recycle at home, or reuse the product at home. When I travel, this becomes difficult.

While doing some research, here are some articles and videos I found on this subject:
1. CBC Canada:
2. Green Biz:

Let's rally to get Starbucks to reduce, reuse and recycle!

And if other large or small corporations see this and wonder about what environmental change would look like, recycling in your store can go quite a distance, as well as helping the environment!

Share with your coffee and tea addicts, and thank you so much for reading! 

  Danielle S.

  Photo credit to Marc Gunther blog, where the article about this same subject can be found here:

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