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Starbucks bring back the Global Icon Series Mugs!

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In 2008 Starbucks released the Global Icon Series of mugs - a timeless, unique collection of mugs that gave coffee lovers and avid travelers a unique way to commemorate travels. Tens of thousands quickly became smitten with the Global Icon Series as a well designed, consistent, wonderful conversation piece, and source of fond memories. Communities and collections grew but in recent years Starbucks has made the inexplicable decision to discontinue the Global Icon Series and replace it with a colorful and cartoonish "You Are Here" Series. The European and Asian markets proved that the YAH mug was less popular and hung on to the Global Icon Series past the 2012 introduction of the YAH mugs, but sadly the Global Icon mugs are disappearing, maligning thousands of loyal collectors. From a functional standpoint, coffee drinkers found not only their beloved collections were dying out, but the YAH mug has a shallower, wider bowl that allows for rapid cooling of its contents. Not only was the Global Icon Series a true icon, it was a better product for Starbucks patrons and coffee lovers. Off market sources for trading or purchase of these mugs (eBay and Amazon) prove that the consumer demand is not only still there, but clamoring for the return of this beloved series.

This petition calls for Starbucks to return to production and distribution of the Global Icon Series either in conjunction with, or replacement of, the You Are Here series.

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