Make StarWarsOnly President of Lucasfilm

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Star Wars used to be special, but due to the current president it's not. 

Kathleen Kennedy has ran Star Wars into the ground, every single Star Wars movie under her leadership has had production problems, except The Force Awakens. She has let go 3 directors in the span of a year and for many fans has run the franchise into the ground. Kathleen Kennedy has let Lucasfilm employees disrespect Star Wars fans by calling them racist, misogynist, and trolls.Kathleen has been way too involved in these movies and has not let the directors and writers have their own creative freedom!

Rian Johnson continues to argue with fans on twitter and is allowed to say whatever he wants to the fans yet Kathleen never tells him to stop. Fans should not be treated this way. Star Wars should be treated like this, Kathleen wants quantity but not quality, she would rather have a Solo movie rather than give the fans what they truly want which is a Kenobi Stand Alone film!

Star Wars Only will change this! 

Star Wars Only runs a Youtube and instagram account dedicated to Star Wars. 

With Star Wars Only as Lucasfilm president he will

1 Make a Kenobi Stand alone film starring Ewan Mcgregor

2 Halt/Cancel the Rian Johnson trilogy 

3 Make a Boba Fett Spin off film after the Kenobi Film

4 Find a different Developer for Future Star Wars games other than EA

5 Stop Lucasfilm employees from bashing the fans

6 Work on finishing Clone Wars Seasons 7-8 

7 Take out all politics from Star Wars no more SJW crap only good stories and characters

8 Allow directors and writers to have creative freedom on their Star Wars movies

9 Let Star Wars come out every 2-3 years instead of every year to make sure they are quality films 

10 Work on getting a Old Republic Trilogy in the works


Sign the Petition to let Disney know you want a real fan in charge, some who will make movies for the fans, by the fans, and stands with the fans. Star Wars Only will bring Star Wars back to its glory days. It is time to have a president that truly loves Star Wars and wants to see it grow and make the fans happy. So vote for Star Wars Only. He is the man for the job. 



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