Remove Kathleen Kennedy from Lucasfilm presidency

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Since Disney bought Lucasfilm, it has become a divisive force in the Star Wars community by pursuing their socio-political agenda and making decisions over the years that has polarized the fanbase. Not listening to the fans and not caring for the fans has caused many proud, long time dedicated fans to leave the franchise and/or turn against it. The backlash against The Last Jedi and the disappointing opening weekend of Solo are proof that fans and the general audience no longer agree on the story Lucasfilm is weaving.

We cannot remove TFA, RO, TLJ and Solo from canon, but we can create a better future for the franchise by removing the people who made terrible mistakes, and the change begins with removing Kathleen Kennedy, (who is currently president of Lucasfilm and the main enforcer of this feminist-inclusive agenda) and in her place, put someone with love for the franchise and the fans, someone half as good as Kevin Feige, someone who can make Star Wars great again for the fans and the mainstream culture.

Lucasfilm does not care for what we fans want to see on screen, does not care for what YOU want to see, whether you are a long time fan or just a casual viewer and will continue to use Star Wars as a medium to subvert fans and people's expectations, being misandristic and feminist, and forcing inclusiveness for the sake of it.

We can prove Lucasfilm that we have the power, that we deserve to be heard and that if we feel ignored or subverted, we are going to stop caring for what they do, ultimately emptying their pockets and their events.

I care about Star Wars because it is a great story, one we can all identify with; because it has been so influential since 1977 that most people can tell a personal story of how it changed them, either for two hours or for life; and because i want to stop reading negative reviews, comments and opinions on these films, I want to feel myself proud of being a Star Wars fan, I want to feel proud of the direction the franchise is going and I want to feel that Disney and the fanbase can walk side by side.

I know I'm not the only one who wants this to happen, and now, more than ever, we can make it happen, if you sign this petition, if we all fans sign this petition, we can create a positive change on what is undoubtedly one of the best and most beloved franchises ever.