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    Channel ( Starplus), Production house (Dhaval and Guroudev Productions Pvt. Ltd) and Creative's(of Naamkarann) and Mr. Mahesh Bhatt

           This Petition is written to request kindly end the current Juhi-Mishti track which has taken away the essence of our show Naamkarann.This show has extremely done well to break the traditional link between marriage and children.this show has always stood by the channel's "Nayi Soch" and every time it has proven why it stands out.This show has never extended any track more than a week and the episode has always been fast-paced.However, since the month of August, a new character called Juhi has been introduced in the show played by actor Poonam Preet.The audience has never ever got connected with the character due to her acting.We can never get what her expression means.We fans have given fair chance but now it's been more than three months and still, the actor has not yet given a chance of improvement.we have given our feedback to the creatives and also to the actors playing the role but they have never taken our suggestion or criticism seriously.Since the creative has been changed in September the show lacks connectivity and the logic.This show has always given a good closure to every character whether it was Ashish Mehta's character or Aladin but now there is no proper sequence.After the leap of 15 years, the characterization of our lead Neil and Avni has been the USP of the show.They have clearly justified that its not necessary to be a perfect being.One can have their own flaws and live.From past one month after the introduction of new characters Vidyut, our lead pair AvNeil is getting less screen space as what they need to be given.It seems Villain has become the new lead and our AvNeil are now just supporting cast.The editors are another troublemaker for the show.Lead pair scenes are abruptly edited.No proper synchronization between the scenes.The show runs for 22 mins approximate and out of which hardly 4-5 mins are given to lead pair.the current track is very much similar to what was in pre-leap and frankly, we audience don't want the same food served on a different platter.AvNeil love story has never taken a proper shape and we don't want them to adopt a kid in the initial stage.Some of the strong supporting cast Neela Maa, DD and Ali are now hardly having any scene.They have now become a mere spectator and it really pinches our heart when we are seeing them like this.We are losing interest in watching the show and it's becoming intolerable to see our lead going through this much sufferings.Being ardent viewers of this show we have a small request to kindly stop this mess.We want our old Naamkarann show back with an interesting and praiseworthy track.We know our channel and production house is capable enough for giving us this.we love how our show is unique and has created a niche for themselves. since we live in real world and would love to see our pair dealing with realistic situations and cut down too much planning and plotting.This is our sincere request and hopes to get it sorted soon.We are very much in love with the show and so we cannot see its downfall.


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