Rename St*pleton for All

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The Northeast Denver community known as Stapleton is named after a former Denver mayor, Benjamin Stapleton, who was the Ku Klux Klan choice for Mayor in 1923, and although at times he distanced himself from the KKK, he appointed Klansmen to city positions, such as Manager of Safety and City Attorney. The Stapleton era is symbolic of the time in Colorado's history when the KKK controlled both Denver and Colorado government and harassed and intimidated Jews, Chinese, Blacks, Catholics, and others with impunity.

For more information, read “Home-Grown Racism: Colorado's Historic Embrace - And Denial - Of Equal Opportunity in Higher Education” by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic.

Both the Stapleton community and Denver as a whole strive to be diverse and inclusive, a place for all to live and feel safe. This name does not represent who we are.

We hereby petition the leaders of our community to support this effort to rename Stapleton to something that is representative of and welcoming to all who live here. Please sign and show your support. Rename St*pleton for All.

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