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Stand With DACA

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The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which is a lifeline for nearly 800,000 young people. As they live, work and educate in the United States. And through no fault of their own, as immigrants, they were brought here illegally as children. Who are better known as DREAMers. They are our friends and neighbors.

As recipients of the DACA program, it protects these young DREAMers, who are undocumented immigrants from deportation, and free from living in fear. The Obama-era program, which was signed as an executive order back in 2012. Gives them the ability to live, work and educate legally, or serve in the military, and face no risk of immediate deportation. But, given to recent high concerns for the DACA program, which from new developments in immigration policy(s) that threatens the future of DREAMers and squarely putting them in jeopardy.

Let us stand together with, and in support with these young people, our friends and neighbors, the DREAMers, to be given full protection under the DACA program, so they too can enjoy the freedoms of the American dream. To be able to live a life filled with achievements, pride, love, joy and sustainability.

I (we) support DACA and I urge that you stand behind DREAMers to help them secure a better tomorrow and an even brighter future. It is imperative that the U.S. Congress to act to pass the bipartisan Dream Act or another legislative solution that gives Dreamers a pathway to citizenship.


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