Say 'NO' to the Reappointment of Ernie Orgera as Director of Operations for Stamford

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In the city of Stamford, CT, mayoral appointments must be approved by the city's legislative body, the Board of Representatives. Given Mr. Orgera's scandal-ridden tenure as both a city employee and as Director of Operations, we insist that the 40 members of the Board vote "NO" on the reappointment of Mr. Orgera at their monthly meeting to be held on Monday, February 5, 2018 @ 8 p.m.

These are just a few examples that illustrate Mr. Orgera's questionable judgment and poor management skills:

*The Shippan Fire: Under his watch, the Badger home was demolished and carted away within barely 24 hours of the Christmas 2011 fire, arguably preventing an impartial, thorough investigation into the cause of the fire. This resulted in three lawsuits against the city, which have settled for a total of $8.15 million. Neither Mr. DeMarco nor Mr. Orgera have suffered any sort of consequences for this poor decision.

*Scrap Metal: In 2009, an investigation was launched when it was discovered that, under Mr. Orgera's direction, city workers were selling city owned scrap metal for cash and workers state that he instructed them to place said cash directly into his desk drawer. This money was supposedly being used for "parties" to "boost morale." However, the amount of scrap metal being sold on the books, post-investigation, more than doubled.

*Racist/Sexist E-mails: In 2005, Mr. Orgera, acting as a supervisor, was disciplined for failing to follow protocol and report sexist e-mails that city workers were distributing on city e-mail. In 2014, when Mr. Orgera was undergoing reappointment, it was brought to light that Mr. Orgera had also passed around a racist e-mail, which mocked Hispanic immigrants, to city employees, friends, and to his own personal account. In 2015, it was made public that, during 2007, Orgera forwarded an e-mail entitled "Proud to Be White" which included numerous racial slurs against various minority groups such as African Americans, Arabs, Jews, Asians, and others. The city has been sued multiple times for racial discrimination.

*Nepotism: Mr. Orgera got jobs for his sons in city departments. He also allowed other city workers, such as Tania Barnes, to hire their friends and relatives, often without even interviewing other candidates for the position.

*Sexism/Sexual Harassment: A woman named Charlene McArthur, who worked in the city's Solid Waste Department, recently came forward to inform the Board of the unsafe working environment that she experienced as a female employee for the City of Stamford. Ms. McArthur stated that a pornographic magazine was left on her windshield in the parking lot. Moreover, her colleagues told her she should be "at home baking cakes."

In conclusion, Mr. Orgera is a liability for the city, and we need to find someone who can do better. The Director of Operations job pays around $150,000. As such, there's no reason that HR cannot conduct a comprehensive nationwide search in order to find a more suitable person for the job.

(In addition to signing this petition, please contact your local reps and encourage them to vote "No" on Orgera's reappointment.)

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