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Renovate, at a reasonable cost, the existing building that houses the police department.

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Bob McCaig & I have started the petition "St Thomas City Council: Renovate, at a reasonable cost, the existing building that houses the police department." and need your help to get it off the ground.
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You will have heard of the plan to spend millions of your tax dollars on a new Police Headquarters to be located beside the Timken Centre.
The most recent plan is to build a 30,000 sq ft building - but you probably know there is already a 30,000 sq ft building on St Catherines Street!
The police service has had the use of half of the current building until the 2nd floor was recently vacated by the courts to take up residence in the new court house on Wellington Street. It is reasonably being suggested by knowledgable industrial managers, contract builders and their supervisory staff that we just clean it up, renovate it and move forward.
The problem has become more exacerbated because in the past 4 months 3 of the council members and the mayor have put the public interests behind their own. Joined by their newly appointed alderman, former Mayor Barwick, Aldermen Johnson, Warden, Campbell and Mayor Jackson have reversed themselves and voted to build the new facility.
The situation becomes even worse when we consider that St Thomas has lost the tax base of virtually all but two of its industries - Walk down Talbot Street, the commercial tax base is empty, Elgin Mall is empty and the adjoining businesses in the Walmart Plaza are eroding. The thousands of former employees in our community, now unemployed, don't deserve this thoughtless treatment by their council. Both these poor souls and the tax base in St Thomas is in serious trouble and they're planning A New Police Headquarters - You Must be Kidding!
Please join me in correcting this fiscal tragedy in the making. If you agree with the premise of this I invite you to sign the petition and feel free to call and discuss the matter with Bob.
Bob McCaig

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Norm Toogood & Bob McCaig needs your help with “St Thomas City Alderman Jeff Kohler: Renovate, at a reasonable cost, the existing building that houses the police department.”. Join Norm and 400 supporters today.