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Please give Lauren Bush and her 15 year old accomplice the stiffest penalties possible for torturing and sexually abusing a young autistic boy, while filming the abusive encounters.

News agencies report that Lauren Bush, 17, and a 15 year old accomplice threatened and assaulted a young boy who has been diagnosed with autism, filming the atrocious acts they forced him to perform.
These girls used their cell phones to film themselves holding a knife to the boy's throat, forcing him to walk out on a frozen pond. When he broke through the ice and fell in, they did not help him. They also filmed themselves kicking him in the groin multiple times.
Worse yet, they forced the young man to masturbate while they filmed, and also forced him to perform sex acts with a family pet on camera. Local authorities say that these are some of the most heinous crimes they have ever seen.
They pretended to be his friend, even letting the boy think that one of the girls was his girlfriend, and then abused him in vicous and cruel ways.
One of the girls' mothers discovered the videos on her daughters cell phone, and turned the girls into auhorities. Lauren is being charged as an adult, and it is unclear how the younger girl will be charged.

It is important that these girls do not get off lightly. Their actions are filthy and cruel, and anybody with any bit of common decency would never even think of hurting and abusing an already vulnerable victim. I urge any judge or jury to give these girls a stiff penalty. It is what they deserve for harming this young man in such disgusting ways. It is important that we, as a society, protect our disadvantaged and vulnerable citizens. We cannot allow these predators to get away with light penalties just because they are young girls. Please protect those that cannot protect themselves by signing this petition.

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