Support FC St Helens at our Windleshaw home and the continued community work we do.

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We are FC ST. HELENS and we need your support.

What we want to do for our immediate community.

Clear wasteland between The Windleshaw Sports Ground and Bishop Rd Police Club and turn it into a car park.

What are the benefits?

  • Create an additional car parking to ease congestion for residents.
  • Stop drug use and discarded needles on the land.
  • Stop the regular use of the wasteland for fly-tipping.
  • Build netting in key areas of the site to protect resident's houses from footballs.
  • Get the local immediate community to engage in the future development & social scene and be part of our football club.

We want you to support your local football club which will allow us to start the process of the redevelopment of the area.

Our 5 year Vision:

  • Be a thriving and self-sustaining fan owned community football club.
  • Ensure that players of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to participate in sport in a safe, positive and friendly environment.
  • Ensure that our young players have the opportunity to develop their skills and interest in football as far as they possibly can on and off the pitch.
  • Be an integral part of our local community. Carry out activities that are beneficial to our community and that promote lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, unemployment and inclusion for all. 

FC St Helens, a brief history.

The Windleshaw Sports Ground has been around for over 100 years! FC St Helens was formed in 2014 and are at the heart of Windle and St Helens. We are a club developing constantly and growing based on a strongly held set of values. We place a strong emphasis on developing young players from our town and giving them the opportunity to represent St Helens, playing football the way we believe it should be played, and conducting ourselves correctly both on & off the pitch with a professional approach to our progress.

FC St Helens offers it’s 275 players the opportunity to training once a week and playing a weekend, over the period of twelve months we provide children, young people and adults around 30,000 opportunities to participate in football per year.