Stop unnecessary fees! For God's sake.

Stop unnecessary fees! For God's sake.

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The Final year students of SRM Institute of Science and Technology are being asked to pay fees without offering any convincing/suitable explanation for the same.

We are being asked to pay a sum of 1000 rupees as 'Alumni fees', and word has been around it is going to amount to another 3000 rupees.

By definition, we all are "Alumni" once we leave college. However, not all the students come down to attend those events. Neither does the college guarantee any returns or benefits on being part of this package. Usually colleges ask for "consent " when it comes to hosting events of picnics of similar fashion.

We would humbly like to let the college know that it is not about the fees but the frequent hassle of paying 'x amount for y, y amount for z' and so forth. We as students have beensincerely abiding by the rules and regulations. At least this is not a proper way to 'part our ways' after being subjected to repeated fee revisions for the past three years.

I would also like to let everybody note-

Once we're convinced (by reason and not by force) of what is really going to benefit us out of such fees, I will withdraw this petition at once!