Karnataka government doesn't give a damn about bengaluru.

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I came to bengaluru 11 months ago. Being from computer background, it was always my dream to work in bengaluru. Now i cannot wait to leave this city. And the only reason for it is traffic and the apathy of government and bureaucracy towards it.

No distance in bengaluru is too small. You cannot be punctual without risking your life. Everyone is in a hurry and it is not their fault. And there is not one redeeming factor. Roads are narrow and bad, population is high, public transport is bad, construction work is encroaching roads and most of all , no action from government. Are these the signs of a metro city which will become the silicon valley of India?

Bengaluru is the cash cow of government, a major bread earner for 1.2 crore people and it is dying. And no one can say that population increased drastically, government couldn't have anticipated it. Because all the business parks and societies have to take permission from government before construction, so they knew what was coming.

I do not expect to see change overnight , but i do expect something. Metro and highway construction are taking ages. Do something please, else this beautiful city will perish. I will just leave with an example of Balgere road. A road connecting whitefield and kadubeesanhalli with companies like Cisco, oracle, JP morgan, Adobe, Wells fargo in less than a KM range and a footfall of more than 15000 people everyday has just two-lanes. Imagine that.

I know everyone from bengaluru will connect to this. Please do something about it.