Enact the Animal Welfare Bill Now

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Dear Sri Lankan President, Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism,

We call you to enact the animal welfare bill because we can no longer tolerate the suffering of animals in Sri Lanka. With no stringent law to protect animals, there have been numerous incidents involving horrific animal abuse in Sri Lanka. Here are some examples such brutality that we have heard from Sri Lanka in the recent past: 

  • December 2018: Charlie the Labrador was burnt alive in Negombo
  • August 2019: A 70-year-old ailing female elephant named Tikiri was forced to walk kilometres as a part of a religious parade before she collapsed 
  • September 2019: Two puppies were beaten to death in Colombo 
  • September 2019: A dog was found murdered in a well in Galle
  • September 2019: A puppy was attacked with acid in Pannala (and the list goes on....)

The horrors of animal abuse continue to be reported in Sri Lanka, but the abusers get away scot-free because your country doesn’t have strict laws to protect animals. 

Thousands of citizens called you to enact this law though signing a petition earlier this year. It’s a shame that you haven’t given due attention to that mass call for action. 

Once again we call you to enact this bill. However, this time we are being backed up by animal loving tourists who are vouching to boycott Sri Lanka until you act, because as decent humans, we can no longer tolerate this brutality. So we urge you to enact the Animal Welfare Bill now. Otherwise, Sri Lanka will continue to lose more tourists in the time to come. 


Decent citizens of Sri Lanka and responsible tourists.