Make KHUX Great by Giving Players What They Want!

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Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this franchise (Kingdom Hearts), a new game (Kingdom Hearts Union Cross ), conceived via Nomura, and dedicated to the proposition that all players are created equal.

But enough is ENOUGH.

SENA (Square Enix North America)  has gone too far and ruined this game that had so much potential.

Yes we have gotten more log in jewels, more gems per month. But at what cost?? The pull rates are still horrible and I'm not just saying that because I didn't get the last recent banner medal. Too many players have fallen prey to this mobile gacha and suffered (emotionally).

Our demands to SENA:

1. More content = we will be content

Give us at least 2 events per week because we don't have enough content. (the FFRK stuff didn't count because we all finished it in 5 mins.) 

2. A Free Fantasia Mickey B medal every week.
It's only fair

3. A guilting campaign every other weekend.
I don't like proud mode and doing the quests for free mirrors is tedious.

5. A Fantasia Mickey C medal that will give traits to any medal.
(released in weekly quest like gems used to)

6. Monthly Gem quests every week. 
(4 gems per month is not enough)

7. High score challenge rewards given to ALL participants.
(It is not fair that players with skills/math place higher)

8. Avatar Board prices changed to 1,000 jewels.
(We shouldn't be penalized for pulling once or twice from a banner hoping we get lucky. People that save for what they want should be considered cheaters because not everyone can see into the future.)

9. Voiced medals. 
(I am angered that JP has that and WE DON'T, like we are second class citizens)

10. Ban the use of sarcasm im the KHUX community.
(I am not sure how sarcasm works but I feel personally attacked whenever I think it is being used)

11. 1 Do-over pull per banner. 
It is just common sense.

12. A free Kairi EX for everyone. 

As reparations

13. VIP will be free for EVERYONE.

Without the players, there would be no game.


Please help and do your weilder duty and sign this petition so we can finally make KHUX great (because it hasn't been yet). By the light of the moon I thank you for your support!

May your heart be your guiding key.

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