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Final Fantasy XIV Mirror Hair & Eye Colour Change

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We, the players of Final Fantasy XIV from all over the world, kindly ask Square Enix to provide two in-game possibilities:

1) Mirroring hairstyles
2) Changing eye colour by visiting the aesthetician

In-game, a lot of armors are made for one hairstyle layout only (for example, Modern Aesthetics - Rainmaker from The Make It Rain campaign - for which it's hard to find masks or eye patches that look good with that amazing hairstyle) and mirroring would resolve that problem.

Also, while changing hairstyle and hair colour, we have another problem: eye colour can be changed only by using Fantasia. This is great when someone wants to change their character race and make overall appearance changes, but when it comes to changing colours only (eyes and hair), it's too expensive. AuRas can change their Limbal Ring, maybe it's time to enable iris colour modifications for all races?

In real life, anyone can change their hairstyle or buy contact lenses to change their eye colour, no one needs to have a full plastic surgery to do this.

We hope that Square Enix will consider this petition and make some changes in the nearest patch.

Kind regards,
Monika Zebrowska on behalf of the Final Fantasy XIV community.

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