Asking a refund for monthly fee of October DDoS server attacks issues

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This petition is made for who is tired for the recently issues about server DDoS attacks on Final Fantasy XIV servers, those attacks started from October 01 and they go on till now, i know this isn't Square Enix fault, but we are all paying monthly fees for an online game that isn't working properly.

I would ask for a refund for every player in every server that got those continue disconnects,lags, and any other internet disconnections of 1 month free, that because we all played in the month of october and saw what happened, maybe for some people 10.99 euros are not a lot, but for some it is, especially for the younger guys that play this game.

I'm talking about the server attacks on Chaos Server, because i play on it, but as i saw in the news, those "attacks on the server" aren't only in the server where i play, but as well in the others one

My idea of those kind of games is: If i start to pay a monthly fee for an online game, as for any other service i buy, i wish at least to be able have a working service, sometimes errors could appear but if those errors appears frequently, at least the people who works behind this game could apologize and give as a refund.

We are talking about 1 month of disconnection, will you be happy to pay a game and have half service or bad working servers for it and not be able to play?

I hope some people will join my idea and help me on this petition, i would appreciate it.