Retire Matt Bonner #15

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Retire Matt Bonner #15

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Matt Bonner dedicated a decade of his career to the San Antonio Spurs. He is one of only 6 players to have 10 consecutive years with the Spurs and only 1 of 8 to have 10 at all. Currently, all of the others (who have retired) have had their numbers' retired. 

With the Spurs it is not just about the numbers and statistical contributions because one cannot log into the history books the impact Bonner made on locker room culture as well as Spurs fandome and San Antonio culinary and arts culture. He became a San Antonian. 

But if the ALL TIME stats are what are important:

1st- Bonner ranks #1 in Spurs history for turnover percentage at 7.1%

2 NBA titles with Spurs (2007, 2014)

3rd- Effective Field Goal % .571

4th best Offensive Rating 118.1

4th in both 3 point attempts and 3pt goals leading to Bonner being

5th in 3 point % .413

8th in games played at 632


10th in True Shooting % .584

I truly believe Matt Bonner deserves consideration for having the #15 retired and hanging proudly from the rafters. 

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This petition had 314 supporters

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