Allow participation of homeschoolers in the Spur MTB League

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UPDATE: 11 May 2018 — We believe that this petition has served it's purpose and will be closing and deleting it shortly.

As per statement from Amarider:

"As Schools MTB League convenors we, Amarider, have met with our sponsor Spur, and reached out and spoken to Ms Marita Green. We will be engaging further on how we can provide a framework for greater inclusivity in League participation, as well as meeting with respective stake holders at the earliest opportunity. "

We will keep communicating developments to the various interested communities.

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XCO Moutain biking is an exciting, fast-growing sport! Spur Steak Ranches took the initiative in 2009 to support the youth by sponsoring an XCO league. This was done in such a way as to promote mountain biking in our communities.

Most children in South Africa attend schools, but we also have also a very fast-growing community of homeschoolers. The organizers of this league decided to promote the league as a Schools League, but in the process excluded many learners from the fastest growing schooling option in South Africa.

The intention was apparently to promote XCO mountain biking as a team sport. There is also a growing number of homeschoolers who enjoy participating in team sports, either as part of a school in their area, or as a homeschooling group. These homeschoolers are sadly being discriminated against by being denied participation in this league.

Although some provinces allow homeschoolers to participate as "Ghost Riders", the Gauteng Spur League does not. These "Ghost Riders" are expected to race without seeding or recognition on podium. There was one participant the Cape who repeatedly won races, only to be ignored and again relegated to starting at the back of the next race.

This is a sad and unnecessary discrimination that does no favours for sport in South Africa, or the "family-friendly" Spur brand.

It would be greatly appreciated if Spur Steak Ranches will take initiative in this area again, understanding the dynamics of education in the 21st century, and allow participation of homeschoolers in team sports just as other countries have done for decades in all manner of school team activities.

Homeschoolers can also be organised into groups if required. We ask only to be treated fairly.

Solutions can be found that will work for all parties, if we are willing to cooperate.

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