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Lift the bylaw prohibiting domesticated outdoor cats from roaming freely and stop the capture of them.

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I moved to the Snow Valley area in 2003 with two outdoor domesticated cats. They were living a happy life, going outside everyday roaming in the neighbourhood along with dozens of other people's cats in the area. There was no law stopping the cats from enjoying the outdoors. My cats were always extremely well behaved, never bothering anyone. I never got any complaints from neighbours or anyone else nearby. I always had visiting cats in my yard and never had a problem. My older cat passed eventually and in 2013 I got a new cat as a companion to my other cat. Everything was fine until end of June 2015. I received a direct complaint from a neighbour about my cats. They stated that my cats were hanging around their new bird feeders. They then continued on to threaten me and my cats, saying that if they ever saw my cats on their property ever again, they would call animal control and get rid of them. I was appalled at this neighbours complaint and shocked at their anger towards me and my cats. A few years prior they used to have a dog that always wandered in my yard, which i never had a problem with nor did i complain. I then went to the Springwater Township office and asked them about what to do. They replied that there is a bylaw made in 2013 that cats have to be supervised at all times outside on a leash and that if my cat roams from the owners property it is considered trespassing. Animal control can then be called and will pick up said trespassing cat that has been caught/contained. Then the cat will be disposed of. This is devastating to me and my cats that love to go outside. Its extremely traumatic for me and the cats to go through this. My plan is to raise awareness of this bylaw and completely vanquish it. Springwater Township is outside the city limits of Barrie with large homes and properties, lots of trees and space, perfect for cats to roam. Hence why cat lovers move here, its all farming country, real peace and quiet, tons of wildlife surrounding us. I also think its ridiculous because how do neighbours differentiate between all the cats that are outdoors roaming, including strays and feral cats. For example, my one cat that was "spotted" in my neighbours yard is a medium size all black short haired cat. There are about a dozen other cats in the area that look just like him. The neighbour has no proof and no evidence and would not give details as to when the cat was seen and even how many times. Hence another reason why the bylaw is garbage and should be scrapped. Cats belong outside and should not be threatened and held back by stupid laws created by animal haters. If you have pets you understand the true horror of this. Save the cats in Springwater! Cats belong to the earth.

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