Please localize Robotics;Notes Elite for English audiences

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The purpose of this petition is to encourage the translation and release of Robotics;Notes Elite for English-speaking audiences. We know that the release is at least being “considered,” meaning that the decision can likely be swayed by the actions of the fans. We believe that it’s important to show Spike Chunsoft our unwavering support for the game’s translation and release.

(Note: We don't have any particular number of signatures in mind. sets the goal automatically, and it increases whenever the current goal is hit. We just want to show Spike Chunsoft our support, and to do that, we need as many signatures as we can get!)

Robotics;Notes is an entry in the Science Adventure series, a series of visual novels developed by 5pb./MAGES. In order of release, the titles are Chaos;Head Noah, Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes Elite, Chaos;Child, Steins;Gate 0, and the upcoming Robotics;Notes DaSH.

Of the currently-released titles, only Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0, and Chaos;Child have official translations. At the moment, there is no way for the West to experience the Chaos;Head Noah and Robotics;Notes visual novels.

Robotics;Notes Elite is the 2014 updated re-release of 2012’s Robotics;Notes. It has recently been confirmed that Elite will be ported to current-generation platforms, such as Nintendo Switch. In other words, now is the opportune moment to push for the long-overdue localization.

Created by Chiyomaru Shikura and written by Naotaka Hayashi, the creator and scenario writer for Steins;Gate (respectively), this story has all the talent of Steins;Gate behind it, with a different setting and tone.

It is set nine years after the events of Steins;Gate, and focuses on the concepts of robotics and augmented reality (AR). A love letter to the mecha genre, Robotics;Notes is the most unique title in the series, but it still shares the series’ core concepts—sci-fi and conspiracy.

But petitions never work, right?

The companies involved have stated that localizations of these titles are possible, if the demand is high enough! So even though petitions rarely work, this one is definitely not unfounded. Let's show them that the demand is there!

Who are we?

We are Operation HiddenHand, a fan movement dedicated to promoting the official English translation of Science Adventure titles.

The two titles we are currently aiming to have localized are Robotics;Notes Elite and Chaos;Head Noah—of the two, Robotics;Notes Elite is our current focus, as the current-gen ports in the works would make a localization much more convenient.

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We believe that Robotics;Notes Elite, as another masterfully crafted story from the creators of Steins;Gate, deserves to be experienced by as many people as possible.



Which companies are you directing this petition toward?

This petition is aimed at the Science Adventure series developers, 5pb./MAGES., as well as Spike Chunsoft’s North American subsidiary, which is currently in charge of the release of all Science Adventure titles in the West.

What about the Robotics;Notes anime?

The Robotics;Notes anime is fine on its own, but compared to its source material, the visual novel has considerably more to offer—primarily due to three different factors.

One of Robotics;Notes’ greatest strengths, as with the other Science Adventure titles, is its multi-layered plot backed by strong exposition. 5pb. even partnered with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) to ensure that the sci-fi concepts are backed by real, scientific research. A considerable amount of this exposition is not present in the anime due to time constraints.

Another of Robotics;Notes strengths is its characterization—which is often more subtle than Steins;Gate and its sometimes over-the-top cast—but because of this it relies on nuance that does not carry over to the anime. The protagonist, in particular, is characterized primarily through his internal monologue, which is mostly not present in the anime.

Finally, Robotics;Notes contains much exposition pertaining to the interconnected Science Adventure universe. Most of this is either cut back upon or missing from the anime adaptation, as are several small appearances of characters from other titles in the series, such as Steins;Gate.

Though any one of these factors on their own would perhaps not be a problem, all of them together leaves Robotics;Notes in the position of a fun adaptation, albeit one somewhat lacking in substance. If possible, it would be best for fans of the series to stick to the visual novel—and that’s why we need it to be localized.

What is Robotics;Notes DaSH?

Robotics;Notes DaSH is the upcoming direct sequel to Robotics;Notes. As fans of the original Robotics;Notes, we’re excited to see DaSH release, and we hope to see this title localized as well.

As the title implies, Daru from Steins;Gate will be a major character in this title. Statements from Chiyomaru Shikura mention that the game will combine elements from every other Science Adventure title, even more so than the original Robotics;Notes. This makes DaSH a highly anticipated title for fans of the Science Adventure series.

If DaSH is being considered for localization, that makes a localization of Robotics;Notes Elite all the more important.

What’s the relationship between Robotics;Notes Elite and Steins;Gate Elite?

Steins;Gate Elite aims to combine the Steins;Gate anime with the script of the Steins;Gate visual novel, creating a fully animated adventure title. It also includes a majorly abridged version of the original VN’s script, allowing the story to follow the quicker pace of the animations.

Though it also contains some pacing changes and added animated scenes, Robotics;Notes Elite focuses more on general presentation changes, such as improved 3D models and animations. It is a very different sort of expansion compared to Steins;Gate Elite, despite sharing the “Elite” banner.

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