Want to see Same Nightmare become a TV show that shows disabilities in an empowering way?

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My name is Spencer MacKay and I am a person who has dwarfism and has spent my life in an electric wheelchair. As I've been growing up, I've had a fiery passion for having a career in the film and television industry. As a writer and director, I want the things that I create to be able to impact and help change the world's perspective on big key issues. This is where YOU come in because in order to do that, I need YOUR help!

Having just finished writing and directing the short film "Same Nightmare", I'm looking to create a full scale television show, based on the initial idea of what its like to grow up with a disability. We've reached a point in society where diversity and inclusion matters, but one group largely underrepresented are people with disabilities. So I'm hoping to make this a show that normalizes disabilities, talks about societal issues surrounding people with disabilities and empowers people with disabilities by showing them that they can be more to the world around them beyond their disability.

Ryan Coogler directed a film that highlighted and celebrated African culture with "Black Panther", Patty Jenkins directed a groundbreaking film celebrating women in "Wonder Woman" and now I'm hoping to do the same for people with disabilities because there's nobody better to do so than someone who has lived with a disability themself. Soon, I'm going to be meeting with executives, producers and agents to begin trying to make this show into a reality, but I want YOU to help me show there is a market for these stories to be shared to. So please sign this petition, email me at spencermackay@ymail.com for any questions and share it with everyone you know because together as a society, we can all help to change the world for the better.