Stop loss of family home for Dawn Bradley & children

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We are asking you to support us in this petition to request the council to take into account this family's tragic and exceptional circumstances and allow them to stay in their family home.

Dawn Bradley has lived on and off at the family home for over 40 years. She and her children have now been asked to leave because they have not lived there for the last full 12 months, therefore not meeting the requirements for Tenancy succession.

In the past year, Dawn and her family have suffered various traumatic events; the loss of her partner, closely followed by the death of her Mother and Father. These multiple traumas and loss to her and her children have effected the whole family deeply, which they are continuing to suffer from.

As a consequence of these events, Dawn has suffered serious Mental Health issues which have had a further impact on the family's wellbeing. As if these circumstances were not enough to have to deal with, the family are now faced with the imminent loss of their home which has been in the family for nearly 50 years. Dawn moved out of her rented accommodation after the death of her partner and back into the family home to help care for her terminally ill Mother and subsequently her elderly Father.

Please sign the petition to help keep Dawn and her children in the family home that they love.