Remove Representative Pigman from cannabis committees

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Speaker Corcoran, the signers of this petition request that Representative Pigman be removed from his position of chair of the Health quality committee and also be removed from any committee dealing with the implementation of the medical cannabis program in Florida. The signers of this petition request this because Representative Pigman's recent arrest for DUI of alcohol may leave him biased towards any substance that may be considered intoxicating regardless of whether or not the substance may be medication or not. This arrest also shows poor judgment and a disregard for the law and because of this the signers of this petition feel that Representative Pigman can not be trusted to make the critical decisions involved in the proper implementation of this very important program. The signers of this petition also feel that due to his arrest for DUI that there may also be a potential substance abuse issue with Representative Pigman and this also destroys any and all trust in Representative to fairly entertain anyone who would like to speak in favor of a less restrictive yet properly supervised medical cannabis program due to the bias towards doing this he's already shown combined with any additional bias this arrest may cause. Please Speaker Corcoran remove Representative Pigman from this duty and appoint a person who has proven to be fair, unbiased, and has consistently listened to the people and will allow for this to be executed as best as possible.